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Hard+Smart Work is the key to success. We do hundreds of things in a single day and it’s usual that by doing work, we feel tired and want to sleep. Sleeping time is very important in our life. Without proper hours of sleep, the stamina of doing work and creativity gets decreased. So, one should sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day to keep their mind and body healthy. Before bedtime, you should send cute good night SMS to your friends and loved ones and bless them a sleep filled with sweet dreams and a lot of relaxation. Below are some amazing cute good night SMS.

Cute Good Night SMS Messages

One Special Surpirse for you!!Close your Eyes now 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1You Cheat u did not closed your eyes!So Now,no surprise,Only GUD NITE.

Take a sweet smile when you are insulted. Sometimes, A smile is enough to make them regret with their words. Good Night

Your sweet time of today is ending Now,Forget bad Incidents,Remembers beautiful Moments,to refresh your mind wish u a sweet sleep.Good Night

Night is the nice gift so open the gift By closing your eyes u will see the another world waiting for u enjoy the sweet dream..So Good Night

You may think that I 4got u.U may think that I don`t care,n u may think dat I`m not thinking of u.Well,U`re wrong.U`re still in my dreams.
best good night sms
As the days turns into night,keep ur worries out of sight!No matter how tough the world seem,u still deserve “Sweetest dream”GOOD NIGHT.

“Flowerful” Morning “colourful” Noon “Joyful” Evening “Peaceful” Night B happy, its a “Fantastic” DAY 4 U! GOOD NIGHT.

Dear Customer!.Your remaining awaking Time Package has expired….So Please.Sleep As soon as possible. And Say to All.Gud Nigh Sleep Tight.

Close your eyes, Concentrate your mind & Pray to God about the things That you want most. GOD must fulfill your prayer… Have a nice sleep.

Sweet Cute Good Night SMS

Night is longer than day for those who DREAM & Day is longer than Night for those who make their DREAMS come true. Wish you Good NightOne day i maydie without sayinggood bye to U.But i will never forgetto say thank u,Because u holdthe mostloveliest part in my life GUD NITE

Stars light Stars bright u`re the only Star I see tonight. I wish I might be there guarding ur dreams tonight, good nite sweet dreams.

Night has gone and the moon too.Sun has arrived with the sky blue.Open ur beautiful eyes there is a SMS for u.To wish a Good night Good day

Moon!DimYourLight..Wind!Breezesoftly..Flower!Blossom Slowly..Earth!spin gently – becoze my dearest friend is going to sleep!..Good Night.

Dreams are the best part of life,If u miss sleep.. u miss the best part of life,So its already late..Go to bed and catch a very good Dreams.

Since your eyes are looking tired…Let your eye lashes hug each other for few hours.Happy journey into the world of dreams.Good night.

No matter the sky is black or blue,No matter there is stars or moon,As long as Your heart is true, Sweet dreams will always be with you.

Never,say dreaming is useless, because life is useless if you can`t dream. Have a nice dream … sweet Night …

The moon may not come and the stars may hide, but don`t worry, I am always here to brighten up your night. Good Night!

Saying Good night is not a Formality or Due to free msg,It`s the art os Saying that I remember uin “My last minute of the Day “Good Night…Cute fight is also one of the form Of Deep Love and Affection So.. Keep a Little Fight With Your Beloved One.. Good Night

The stars are out,The moon is up,1 more Hug,1 more smile,Kiss u once,Kiss u twice Now it`s time 4 bed.Close ur eyes n sleep tight Good night

Good night my veryspecial friend,I pray U layin rest,n may 2morrow bring U Much love n happiness. Donot thinkof in ur eyes,in ur heart

Night is longer than day for those who DREAM and day is longer than night for those who make their DREAMS come true.Wish u Good Night

The love we shared will see u through Hold on with all ur might To all the faith and love we shared For this iz just Good-Night

Sorry, i am very sleepy, If there is any smelling mintake, Ten plz carrot it n read. Plz dont hisstake me! Gud fight. Just for bun !!

Failure is a single paper in a part of life.Bt Success is a book of dictionary.Don`t loose a full book for a single paper.Good Nigh.

Loving Cute Good Night SMS Wishes

Well, the person to whom you’ll send these cute good night SMS will surely feel amazing about you. This will let them know their importance in your heart and mind. Sleep well and wish them a good night.

Night is a wonderful opportunity to take rest,to forgive,to dream,to smile and to get ready for all the battle that u have to fight tomorrow

Twinkle twinkle little star,U are chanda i m a star, Night is ment for slepping yaar,So takeyour pillow nd soja yaar.Good night Sweet Dreams

Sun Is SwitchedOff!Stars Are SwitchedOn!Blue Sky Goes Off And Black Sky Comes In!So A Cool NightIs Coming!Go To Bed!AndSleep Well Good NightMy day won`t certainly be over for I have something left to do. I just couldn`t sleep yet without saying I love you. Good Night

A day is going to end again.It is nice to have a friend like U making my everyday seems so great. Thank U my good friend lastly good night
amazing cute good night sms
Night is Silent,Night is Beautiful,Night is Calm, Night is Quiet..But Night is not complete Without Wishing U Good night.Sweet dreams!

Sky may be black or it may be blue.Stars will twinkle and bless u.As long as your heart is true, Sweet dreams will always be with u.gud nyt.

If you feel little bored, Little sick, Little sad, All lost, U know wats wrong? U r suffering from lack of Multi Vitamins Good Night.

Since your eyes are looking tired, Let your eye lashes hug each other for few hours, Happy journey into the world of dreams, Gud Night

Ordinary Nights Become Special When An Ordinary Person Like Me Takes Time To Greet Someone Special Like You! *Good Night*

Think Of YourFaults The FirstPart Of TheNightWhen u Are Awake,AndThe Faults OfOthers TheLatter PartOfThe NightWhen u Are Asleep.Good Night

Black Sky With Solo Moon With Millions Of Stars Brings U A Silent Hours 2take A Nice Rest.. Enjoy D Whole Night.. Gud Ni8

Hey,Come Outside. Im Standing Outside Ur House. Pls Come Immediatly . : My Name Is- MOON. ! Want To Say Gud NightHey U!!! Yes U… The Cute One… Holding This Phone! Are You Asleep? Juste Wanted 2 Say Good Night..!

Sorry Yar I Wanted To Greet U Good Morning But Walked Too Slow So Good Night & Sweet Dreems

The Night Symbolizes D End Of Stress &Tension And D Begining Of A Swt Passage Of Relief Called Sleep.. So Good Night..:-)

World Is Full Of Willing People…. Some Willing To Work… And Others,Like Me.. Willing To Let Them Work!!! Gud Ni8 Sweet Dreams

Dnt be Afraid Ur Life Will End ; Be Afraid Tht It Will Never Begin GuD NiTE HvE sWEeT dRdmz:-X

Understand!How Beautiful ItIs ThatGOD Has AddedOne More NightIn Your LifeNot Because u Need ItBecause Someone Else Wants u To Rest Good Nite

As precious as u r to me, As precious no one can ever be, I know friends r hard to choose, But u r a friend I never want to lose…

Friendship is like a glass handle it with care because once broken cannot be mended and even if mended… a crack is always there!!!

Latest Cute Good Night SMS

Dear Customer Your sleeping service has been activated. Now enjoy unlimited sweet dreams browsing in ur bed. Good night. sweet drms..

Smile is address of life,Smile is a way to get success, Smile is to win the heart`s, Smile improves Personality. Keep smiling GOOD-NIGHTWhen the night comes The shadows call your name When the night comes Nothing will be the same Good Night&sweet dreams

Look back at all that we held dear And keep your head held high. Shed no tears and know, My Love That this is not Good-bye.GOOD NIGHT

Good night, my dear! The long day died In sunset`s afterglow The faint,far candles of the sky Were lighted long ago. Gud Nyt

“Night brings our troubles to the light, rather than banishes them.” Good Night dear

you can show love to everyone but u can show anger to only who is close to you, so “anger” is always higher “love” good night

THE art of PATIENCE- its not much about how long one can wait ,but its about HOW ONE BEHAVES while waiting…. Goodnight…. sweetdreams..

Mixed of every thing is life , we can`t expect happiness every moment ..try to be happy in all time , if you alone also..gud night

Black Sky with Solo Moon with Millions ofStars Brings U few Silent Hoursto Take aNice Rest.!Enjoy the Whole Night with sweet dreams.!G`NIGHT

Touch ur heart; Close ur eyes; Make a wish; Say Goodnight; Sky so wide, Stars so bright, Turn off the lights, and say Good Night.

Thought for the night:Don`t waste time bythinking about your pastor future!Better kill some mosquitoes in that time.Sothatu can sleep better

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