Dil Se SMS, Heart Touching SMS Messages For Loved Ones

There are hundreds of messages a single person sends to their friends and loved ones. But, probably most of them are useless and common. This decreases the intention of readers towards the message and it’s not more than a crap n inbox. Social media users are increasing daily and this also increases the number of crap and rubbish SMS spread over the internet. But, make your friends feel good while reading your SMS message. Below are the some of the best Dil Se SMS messages. What we mean by these messages is that these SMS messages are baked with careless, happiness, love and much more. Hence, readers will feel motivated and good about you. Hence, these are called Dil Se SMS.

Best Dil Se SMS Messages

whatever u truly desire in ur life….. u will find it`s glimps in every part nd in everyone in ur life….

If there is Anything better than sharing the best of what you Have, it is sharing the best of who Y0U are Have a great day dil se SMS aapke lie

The best thing in life is Loneliness because it teaches you everything and when you lose it, you get everything.Have a great day dil se SMS aapke lie

Success Formula,To Learn From Water… Adjust Yourself In Every Situation and In Any Shape and Most Importantly Always Find Out Your Way…

Belief is the strongest medicine to cure the worst ills. Have an unflinching belief that things will turn out right.Have a great day dil se SMS aapke lie

Our Similarities bring us to a common ground; Our Differences allow us to be fascinated by each other. Have a great day dil se SMS aapke lie

Don`t ever wrestle with a pig.You`ll both get dirty,but the pig will enjoy it.

There are two primary choices in life to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. Have a great day dil se SMS aapke lie

All life is created in love, and so in the depths of every human being lies a good heart.Have a great day dil se SMS aapke lie

DIFFICULTY is like bag full of Cotton, HEAVY to those who SEE it and LIGHT for those who HANDLE it……….

Dil Se SMS For Friends

“If u are not using your smile, Then u are a person with million dollars in the bank having no cheque book”

Life me kuchh khona pade to ye 2 line jarur yaad rakhana. “jo khoya hai uska gam nahi” “lekin jo paya hai wo kisi se kam nahi.

1.Khush Hone Par”WADA”Mat Karo. 2.Gussa Aane Par”JAWAB”Mat Do. 3.Dukhi Hone Par”FAISLA”Mat Lo.

It`s not that some peoples have will power and some don`t it`s that Some people are ready to change and others are not..!!

3 nice thoughts. “Kill tension before tension kills u.” “Reach your goal before goal kicks u.” “Live LIFE before LIFE leaves.

A good plan of today is better than a great plan of tomorrow. Look backward with satisfaction and look forward with confidence. dil se SMS aapke lie

An inventor is simply a fellow who doesn`t take his education too seriously.
dil se sms
Doing things for others always pays dividends. When u help someone`s boat across a river, u`ll find ur own boat has reached the shore too dil se SMS aapke lie

“If u want to enjoy anything,always think today is the first day But If u want to achieve anything always think today is the last day.

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy. Smile. Have a great day dil se SMS aapke lie

“Whatever u do, u must remember ur aim at every moment,If u dream 2 fly wid Eagles,don`t waste time in swimming wid Ducks..”.

Heart Touching Dil Se SMS

Khuda pe Bharosa karna to koi PARINDO se sikhe. Kyuki jab wo shaam ko ghar wapas jate h to unki CHONCH mein kal k liye koi DANA nahi hota.

Taqat Nahi Mujh Mein K Tujhe Duniya Se Cheen Loon, Lekin Khudaa Se Maangne Ka Haq To Hai Mujhe…!!…Kismat pahle hi likhi ja chuki hai to koshish karne se kya milega? Best Answer “Kya pata kismat me likha ho ki” “KOSHISH SE HI MILEGA”.

The Most Determinative & Motivating Sentence Which should Always Be Followed In Life. The RACE Is NOT OVER Because I Haven`t WON Yet

A Bird Sitting On Branch Of A Tree Is Not Afraid By The Shaking Branch Because D Bird Trusts Not Branch But Its Wings.It is self confidence.

I wont waste my time worrying if people are talking about me I affect their lives, they didnt affect mine Have a great day dil se SMS aapke lie
dil se sms messages
Chaha ke ye Aasma humara hota, khwaisho ka koi kinara hota, ye soch kar na roka us musafir ko humne, dur jata hi kyu agar wo hamara hota.

Kisi ne nashe me bahut achi baat kahi h ki….. `dushmano se pyar hota jayega… Busss aapno ko azmatey jaiye.Life is like a coin Pleasure and pain are the two sides,Only one side is visible at time,But remember other side also waiting for its turn

Jiyo Itna K Marna muskil Ho Jaye Haso Itna K Rona Muskil Ho Jay Kisi Ko Pana Kismat Ki Baat H Magar Chaho Itna Ki Bhulana Muskil Ho Jaye.

When I am lonely and sad…I just lie in my darkness,and try to return to my thoughts about the only purpose of my life…..

Cool Dil Se SMS

I have made this letter longer than usual because I lack the time to make it shorter.

I asked life,”Why are you so difficult?” Life smiled and said, “You people never appreciate easy things.”..

Dream and Destiny are two separate dimensions of life but it would be a fantastic combination when they finally meet.Khwab Tut Kr BikhreTo Haqikat Smjho Koi Apna RuteTo Mohbt Smjho Dur Rehkr Jo Yad Aye Use Chahat Smjho Jise Chaho Wo Mil Jaye To Kismat smjh.

“Mistakes increases ur experience and experience decreases ur mistakes”. You learn from ur mistakes then others will learn from ur success.


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