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If you’re one of those friends who kept sending a lot of SMS messages to friends and loved ones then you’re amazing. This is very important as you take care of all your friends and don’t forget them. But, sending a useful and meaningful SMS message is very important otherwise your friends will call you a boring person and you probably don’t want your friends calling you a boring person. You should send reply me SMS messages which are full of fun and are amazing. We have the collection of amazing full on SMS messages here. These full on SMS messages are the mix of different types of messages.

Best Full On SMS Message

People often say that Motivation doesn`t last. Well, neither does bathing – That`s why we recommend it daily.

Luckey is who get the opportunity Brilliant is who creates da oppertunity Winner is who uses the opportunity Have A Great Day !Best Of LucK.

Life is too short. If we work Good. Or If we work Bad. In 2 cases life will end. So if we work good than we are died peacefully.

Whenever you see a successful person you see the public glories, never see the private sacrifices to reach them…

We must stop assuming that a thing which has never been done before probably cannot be done at all.

I know I`m Something, Because Go doesn`t Create Garbage… Words written on the Entrance of An American University…..

Can we do romance in the evening today? I`m in a good mood Just a little bit of kissing and biting Reply me soon! Urs lovingly MOSQUITO

Maturity is achieved when a person postpones immediate pleasures for long-term values.

Do not limit your challenges Challenge your limits. Born with personality is an accident, BUT Dying as a personality is an achievement.

MY WAY OF LIFE .People Laugh Because i am Different,And i Laugh Because They Are All the Same,Thats Called`ATTITUDE`.”LIVE IT YOUR OWN WAY”It is a 9 letter word,If it fails You die.If u can 234,u have 1234.56 is one type of disease.89 indicates exact location N time …HEARTBEAT

Realizing Full On SMS

funny full on sms

In this World,We Have Only POSTMEN.But,No POSTWOMEN…..Why,Think.Yes Because,They Take 9 Months for One DELIVERY …….

I am a 5 letter word,If u remove my 1st letter i will b a form Of energy,If u remove my 1st 2 letters i will be needed 4 livng,Wh am I Wheat

How do you know when you run out of invisible ink?

Why do fortune-tellers first ask your name?

What is the velocity of the darkness?

What happens when you got scared twice half-dead?

Why did God create the man first and only afterwards the woman?

When do you know you are overweight?

How is an intelligent woman called?Why does beer contain female hormones?

Why is a false eye made of glass?

when is a man worth some money??

What does a butterfly feel when he is in love?

What do sheep count when they want to sleep?

What is more easy for a man to make,a boy or a girl?

The ressemblance of a man and a cup of coffee?

Why do have so many men a beer gut?

Motivational Full On SMS

We hope that you probably understand that why these SMS messages are full on SMS. Below are more amazing messages which you should send.

Why are men like a toothbrush?

Does a liar lies when he says he says he is telling a lie?People who give importance to their happiness make other peoples unhappy from themselves.

“Give So Much Time To Improve Yourself That U Have No Time To Criticise Others”.

“Empty Pockets teaches million things in life..” But, “Full Pockets spoil`s U in million ways…

Management fundamental for success … If you don`t like any rule ,just follow it reach the top and then change the rule

Erasers are for people who make errors. But a better saying: Erasers are for people willing to correct their mistakes.

When GOD solves your problems, U have faith in his abilities… When he doesn`t solve your problems, He has faith in your abilities..

Always b the reason of some1`s HAPPINESS never b just a part of it b a part of some1`s SADNESS never be the reason for it.

Success is never permanent. Failure is never final. so always do not stop effort until your victory makes a history. Good luck…

Genuine success comes only to those who are ready for it. Good Luck
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The true test of character of a person is not how much we know how to do, but how we behave when we don`t know what to do..”A Beautiful Saying” “Do Not Wish For Less Problems, Always Wish For More Skills”.

Be Like A Postage Stamp–Stick To One Thing Until You Get There.

“Never walk on the traveled path,because it only leads you where the others have been.”

A Bird Sitting On Branch Of A Tree Is Not Afraid By The Shaking Branch Because The Bird Trusts Not Branch But Her Wings. Believe In Urself.

“Don”t Worry When You Are Not Recognized, But Strive To Be Worthy Of Recognition…

Full On SMS

Being Unwantd,Unloved,Uncared 4,Forgoten By Evrybody, I Think Tht”s Mch Gr8er Hunger,A Much Gr8er Poverty Thn d Prson Who Has Nothing 2 eat

I Believe That If You Show People The Problems And You Show Them The Solutions They Will Be Moved To Act…

If You Don”t Get Everything You Want,Think Of The Things You Don”t Get That You Don”t Want.

2 DUSHMANON k darmyaan koi aisi baat na karo k ager wo dono baad main DOST ban jayen to tumhay us baat ki waja se SHARMINDAGI uthaani peray

A Painful Phrase Written By A Boy Who Lost His Parents in Tsunami “Sea I Will Never Forgive U Even If UR Waves Touch My Feet Million times

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