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Fun is important in everyone’s life. This is important that one should feel happy in his/her life in order to proceed further. Without happiness, one can’t go further nicely. So, here are the some of the best funny SMS in English which will make you laugh. All these SMSes will make you laugh a lot. Written in English, baked with fun and filled with craziness, you’ll start loving these funny SMS in English. You can also send these SMSes as WhatsApp SMS and person who’ll read these SMSes can’t stop laughing.

Funny SMS In English, Filled With Craziness

Girlfriend is Hot Water, Lover is Mineral Water, Wife is Corporation Water, Relationship is Kaveri Water, But”FRIENDSHIP”is pure Rain Water!

Some TimeWe Fail to Understand..theFeelings of very Close People inour Life.Because a Book heldvery Nearer to Eyes is very Difficult to read

Bura mat suno. Bura mat dekho. Bura mat bolo. I did not know `Bura` was Manmohan singh`s nickname.

Position of a husband is just like a Split AC… No matter how loud he is outdoor, He is designed to remain silent indoor!

That awkward moment when you are actually telling the truth but you laugh during it, and everybody thinks you are lying.

Keep your attitude in your pocket otherwise I will show you what it means actually.

Husband:can u be the moon of my life?Wife: Awww Yes sweetheart..! . . Husband: Great! then… Stay 9,955,887.6 kms away from Me..!!

Hard fact about youngsters, . . . They are always busy watching the desktop wallpaper.. whenever their parents enter their room`

Today`s Relationships: You can touch each other, . but . . . . not each others phones..!!

Lines by School boy.Love is when i walk to other side of classroom to sharp my pencil,Just to See her.N then realize that.Im holding a pen.If the path is beautiful, Ask where it leads to.. But if destination Is Beautiful Never mind about the path.. keep walking!!

Sometimes When We Say:Im Okay..We want Someone To, Look Into My Eyes..Grab us in his arms..:( HUG Us Tight& Say :I Know You Are Not…!

Latest Funny SMS In English

Aftr robbing d Bank, robber 2 clerk:Did u see me robbing?Clerk:Yes.Robber shot him dead asked nextclerk:Did u?2nd clerk:No,But my wife saw u

Wife:-I will die. Husband:- I will also die. Wife:-why will you die? Husband:- because I can`t bear that much happiness

If u r stressed, you`ll get pimples.. if u cry,u`ll get wrinkles.. So, y don`t u smile &get dimples?

A Girl Checks Her Weight = 58kg Removes Sandal = 56 Then Dupatta = 52Now Coins Finished A Boy In A Q Behind Her Said u Carry On,I Have coins

Boy and girl of class 2 asked teacher:”can kids of our age have kids?”Teacher replied ” NO Never” Boy said to girl :”seei told u nottoworry

A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.

Doctor:Madam, your husband needs restand pease so here are somesleeping pills.Wife:Doc,when should I give them tohim?Doctor:They are fOR YOU

One million copies of a new book soldIn just 2 days due to typing error of 1 alphabet in title.”An idea.that can change ur wife”What`s the similarity between chewing gum & begum(wife)Both are sweet at the beginning and become tasteless, shapeless and chipku in the eND

HUSBAND and WIFE are like 2 tyres of a vehicle If 1 punctures, the vehicle can`t move further M0ral: always Keep a SPARE TYRE..

Son: Dad why doesn`t law permit us to have more than one wife? Dad:when you get married son, you`ll realize that law is on our side…

Life is suffering. Once you learn to accept that life is suffering, life will cease to be suffering.

Best Review: “Delly Belly” is a good movie, don`t go with family. . . . Bcoz Movie mein already bohat “Maa behan” hai..!

Father to Son: Beta tum history mein fail kyu huye? Son:Papa, Sabhi question us samay ke the jab mai paida bhi nahi hua tha!

What`s D Difference Between Mother`s &GF`s Tears? Classic Answer Mother`s Tears Effect Our HEART &GF`s Tears Effect Our POCKET.

Do u know the meaning of WIFE? It means…Without Information Fighting Evrytime!

Crazy Funny SMS In English

funny sms in english

Q. What is the difference between WATCH & WIFE? A. Ek bigadti hai to bandh ho jati hai.. Doosri bigadti hai to `SHUROO`ho jati hai

First Guy (proudly): “My wife`s an angel!” Second Guy: “You`re lucky, mine`s still alive.” ..:DFriends Are like Priya Gold Biscuit Haq Se maango Girl Friends are like Pepsi Yeh Dil Maange MoreWife is like a medicine Bas Ek hi kaafi hai

Last night was my fault, my wife asked, “what`s on the TV?” and … I said, “dust!”

A recently fired stock trader said .. “This is worse than divorce… I have lost everything and I still have my wife…”

Difference between Husband & gadha. Ans:Husband gadha ban sakta hai, but Gadha itna bhi gadha nahi k husband bane!!

Husband: Today is sunday & I have to enjoy it. So i bought 3 movie tickets. Wife: Why three? Husband: 1 For U and 2 for ur parents.

Wife: What is so interesting in me? Husband:I dont know the meaning of interesting!!!

Biwi: Tumare dimag me sirf gobar bhara hai. Pati:To fir itni der se Q kha rahi ho?

Message of the year:- Women live a better, longer & peaceful life..! Why? Very simple.. A woman does not have a wife..

santa:i gave a moving performance in singing. banta:what do you mean by moving performance? santa: everyone moved out of theatre

“now i always watch my wedding video in reverse and i love the end when she takes the ring off, goes out, jumps in the car and heamoon said to me,if ur friend is not messaging u why don`t you leave ur friend. i looked at moon and said does ur sky ever leav

circuit:bhai akkal badi ke bhes? munna bhai: a mamu bolo to dono ki birth date to bata.

Popular Funny SMS In English

what is bus?a vehicle that run`s slow when you are in it but runs faster when you are chasing it.

teacher: four beautiful ladies r walking on the road. change it to exclamatory sentence… student: wow!

Husband:u will never succeed in making that dog obey u.Wife:Nonsense it`s only a matter of patience, I had a lot of trouble with u at first

Things in Boys room b4 marrge Perfumes, Luv lettrs, Gifts, F`shp bands, Cards, Snaps After marriage-Painkillers, Loan papers Unpaid bills…

1 Baar 1 chor ne apni mangetar ko sone ka set dia Mangetar ne khush ho k pucha is set ki keemat kya h? Chor ne jawaab dia…: Teen Saal Qaid

Tcher:How old is your dad? stud: As old as i am. Tcher: How is it possible?Stud:He became father only after i was born

Ladka:hum 25 bhai bahan he Ladki:kya aap ke ghar family planning wale nahi aate? Ladka:aaye the par school samajh ke vapas chale gaye

girls are like phones.we like to be held and talked too- but if u press the wrong button u`ll be disconnected!Beta: papa meri teacher kitni pyari hai na! Baap:beta teacher MAA KE BARABAR HOTI HAI Beta:ap to hamesha apni he setting mein lage rehte ho

During my school days my teacher always used to wear sun glasses, do you know why? because I was such a bright student….Seriously

Beta: papa, main itna bada kab ho jaunga ki mummyse bina pochhey ghar se bahar ja sakun?Papa: beta, itna bada to abhi main bhi nahi hua hoon

A cute letter be a little kid who hates maths: Dear Maths, Please grow up soon and try to solve your own problem don`t depend on others.

Teacher: who kaun hai jo aasman mein udti hai par bachche zameen pe deti hai? Santa kuch dair sochne ke baad: Air Hostess

Student: Ma`am I really like you and I will marry you Teacher (angrily): I hate kids Student: Ma`am I`ll try not to have kids

Most interesting line written on the front of T-shirt of a girl, . . . Excuse me ! My face is above.;-)

Love Happens Automatically. . . Manual Working Of It Is Called Flirting 😀

twinkle Twinkle little star, teri girl friend gaye bazar, us ko mil gaya MAJNO ka pyar, ab tu beth ker makhiyan maaar

TEACHER: what is the different between problem and challenge??? STUDENT:3boys+1girl=problem 1boy+3girls=challenge..

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