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WhatsApp is one of the addictions among youths. It’s fine if someone is using WhatsApp for a while to spend their free time by sending and reading SMS and talking to loved ones. But, staying active on WhatsApp for a long time to disturb the people you don’t even know and sharing some illegal content is not good and not recommended. But, to use WhatsApp for fun reason and talking with the people you love is great. Here’s the collection of some of the best WhatsApp SMS. Some of these WhatsApp SMS are funny, some are motivational and some are heart touching. All these smses are updated and latest. Copy any of these SMS and send it to your loved ones.

Latest Funny WhatsApp SMS

First, read out some of these funny WhatsApp SMS. These Amazing funny WhatsApp SMS will bring out a bursting laugh on reader’s face. If you’re one of those funny people who kept bring smile on other’s face then you should really send them funny shayari on WhatsApp.whatsapp sms

Doctor,I have a serious problem I can never remember what I just said.When did u 1st notice this problem What problem

Raju proposed a Girl.Girl said I”m 1yr elder to you. Raju said No Problem,I”ll marry you NEXT YEAR

You think of me,i think of You,then what it means………..it means both we have no job

American-Dogs cn find Bombs in my contry.Japanse-Fish cn play Ball in my country.Pakistan-Thats not a mater,Monkey cn read SMS in my country

Thinking is like,U r stndng on D middle of D road N suddenly a crow beats on ur head,But U remain calm,N thanks to God.That cows dont fly..

Hey friend remember that,without stupidity there can be no wisdom N without ugliness there can be no beauty so D world needs YOU after all..

Love is possible after friendship,but friendship is not possible after love because medicines work before death later nothing can be cured..

Ladies hostel caught Fire in,It took One hour to bring the Fire under control and another 3 hrs 2 bring the Firemen under control.

When u feel lonely N alone N cannot see any 1 around U,the world seems 2 be fading away,come along wd me i will take u to an eye specialist.

U r a nice person but,U have to do 2 things early in the morning.1st,pray to God so that u can live.2nd,take a bath so that others can live.Two devils came in 2 my dreams.They said,We want 2 disturb some good person.I suggest them your name.They said,We cannot disturb our boss…

Crazy Funny WhatsApp SMS

Do you want to hear a dirty joke,Are you sure,Ok here you go…A white horse fell in the mud…..

Importance of thumb..Chldrn use it 4 chewing,Illiterate people use it 4 sign,Winners 4 victory N My FANS use it 4 reading my msgs Oh U too .

Difference between Friend N Wife U can tell ur Friend U r my Best Friend,But Do u have courage tell to ur Wife U r my Best Wife…….

Smile to old means Respect,Smile to child mean Innocence,Smile to friend means Care,Smile in front of mobile a mental case….Still smiling.

Fact about women,They can see a hair of a girl on their husbands coat from 20 meters,but cant see a pillar from 2 meters while parking a car

Last night I lay on my bed looking at the beautiful stars,the moon and the sky…then i thought where the Hell is my roof…..

Girl frnds R like mobile phone,whenever U want happiness just check inbox,N whenever u want to enjoyment just plug in your charger N enjoy.

I want u 2 know dat our friendship means alot 2 me.U cry i cry.U lauf i lauf.U jump out of da window…I look down N den… i lauf again..

Today,tomorrow and yesterday there will be…one heart that would always beat for you…You know Whose…your Own Stupid.Could U fax me ur photo very urgently.Mind u its really very urgent,damn serious N very imp…Im playing cards and we misplaced the JOKER..

God made man and then rested. God made women and then no one rested….

Why do couples hold hands during their wedding day…..It is just a formality,like two boxers shaking hands before the fight begins…..

Terrorists had kidnapped our lecturers..N demanded for 500000 rs R else they will burn them wd kerosene..plz donate.I have donated 15 Lts…

God made our body parts fr a reason.Eyes 2 look at U,Hands 2 pray for U,Mind 2 remember U,and Legs 2 kick U,if u ever forget me …

I have lots of jokes in my inbox,But I cant send U all of them,It will take a lot of time,So I am sending U just 1 joke U are so beautiful..

when I was in school someone stole my rough notes and they named it as …….OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY

God Created Sun N named Sunlight,God Created Moon N named Moonlight,finally God Created you N named Tubelight ..Wow,God is really great.

Boss hangs a poster in Office,I AM D BOSS,DO NOT FORGET.He returns from lunch,finds a slip on desk.Ur wife called,she wants her poster back.

Boss hangs a poster in Office,I AM D BOSS,Do Not Forget.He returns frm lunch,finds a slip on desk.Ur wife called,she wants her poster back.

We hope you like these funny and crazy WhatsApp SMS. But, there is a lot more down below.

Friendship WhatsApp SMS

Friends are really very important in everyone’s life. Hence, we bring a collection of some of the best friendship WhatsApp SMS. We hope you’ll like these SMS and will forward them to WhatsApp.

Time goes so fast, life asks so much. No wonder friends get out of touch. But in hearts,deep unseen friendship stays forever and ever.

Crazy Friendship WhatsApp SMS

best whatsapp sms collection

Remember D Day We Met,D First Day At College,Frm Thn On,So Many Years Passed By,But U Were There Wd Me,Whnever I Needed U.Thanks A Lot Buddy

Frndship isnt hw U forGet,but hw U forGive,Nt hw U liSten bt hw U UndrStand,Nt wht U see bt hw U feel,and nt hw U Let Go bt hw U hold on….

Frndship nvr speaks volumes,it nvr demands proof,it nvr has a happy ending 2 simply coz it doesnt end as long as frnds r true,just like U..

If ur frndship be money,I will be richest man.If ur frndship be luv,I will be luckiest man. But ur frndship is trust N I am the happiest man

If luck is a raindrop,I will send u a shower.If hope is a minute,I will send U an hour.If u need a friend,U already have me.

Whenever I look at my palm,I wonder which of those tiny cute scrisscross lines made me so lucky to have a sweet N nice friend like U.

Ice is a cream,luv is a dream but r friendship is evergreen.Dont make friends bfore understndng N dont brk a friendship after misundrstandng

Love is like rain its comes and go from your life and friend ship is like air which always stays with you.

Without courage,life is hard.Without love,life is hopeless.Without friends like you,life is impossible.

Sometimes We Fail 2 Understand the Feelings of very Close People in our Life Bcoz a Book held very Nearer 2 Eyes is very Difficult 2 read.

The every person who shakes hands with you is not your well wisher,and who dosent shake hands with you is not your Enemy..

Share a heart which never breaks,Have a smile which never hurts,Give a touch never pains,Maintain a friendship which never ends..

Love is logic,life is tragic,marriage is magic,education is basic but friendship is fevikwik….

Dont place me in ur eyes I may fall as tear,Place me in ur Heartt,So that every heart beat reminds u that this friend is always there for U.

Life Is not about The Quantity 0f Friends You Have.It Is The Quality 0f The Friends you have…

FRIENDS are like a page in a Book of life Every page have a DIFFERENT SUBJECT But you are my INDEX PAGE Covering EVERY SUBJECT of my life.

Few Excellent Friends..Better than Many Good Frnds N 1 Sincere Cool N Caring Frndz,Much Better than Few Excellent Friends.Thanx God U hv Me.

Ice is a cream,luv is a dream,but our frndship is evergreen.Dont make friends bfore undrstanding N dont brk frndship after misunderstanding.

Friend in different lanaguages..Iranian-DOST,German-FREUND,Herbew-CHAVER,French-AMi,Pinoy-KAiBiGAN,Dutch-VREND,Mexica.For me..Jst simply You

Inspirational WhatsApp SMS

Inspiration is very important in everyone’s life. If someone is feeling demotivated then it’s important that one should inspire him. Below is the great collection of inspirational WhatsApp SMS.

There is No Royal Road to Success, But after Success Every Road Becomes Royal, Best wishes for those who believe in Struggle!

Confidence is key.Sometimes, you need to look like you are confident even when you are not.

Never shortchange yourself for someone else, or else you will lose your own identity.

“Never feel sad on losing anything in your life Because whenever a Tree loses its leaf, A new leaf is ready to take its place!”

0ne Who Wins Without Troubles Gets VICTORY But 0ne Who Wins With Lot Of Troubles Gets GLORY …

“Some People Come In Your Life As Blessings, And Others Come In Your Life As Lessons…!!”

LIFE Is Like FLUTE … It May Have Many Holes And Emptiness But If You Work On It Carefully It Can Play MAGICAL MELODIES

Try To Present Yourself That You Are Happy Slowly It Becomes Your Habit & Finally It Becomes Your Character.

“The duck looks smooth & calm on top of water,but under that there is restless pedaling..Nothing is worth without struggle in real life”

If u wait for happy moments, u will wait forever. But If u start believing that u are happy, u will be happy forever.Tough times are like physical exercise, You may not like it while u are doing it but tomorrow you`ll be stronger because of it.

The more you surrender your life to someone..The more Unattractive you become to that human…..

Let your dreams be bigger than your fears and your actions be louder than your words.

Some of the greater things in life are unseen. that`s why you close your eyes when you kiss,cry,or dream..

If You Can,Help Others…….. If You Can`t Do That,At least Do Not Harm Them…..

The only reason for unhappiness is your Expectations…. So don`t expect without your efforts.

The only man who never makes a mistake Is the man who never does anything.

God has 3 answers 4 each prayer. 1.Yes 2.Wait 3.I have another plan 4 U! But He never says `NO`. Trust him always & He will bless U…

One who wins without facing any problem, it`s just VICTORY But one who wins with lot of troubles,that`s HISTORY…..

Life is a CHOICE between a process of Ageing or Growing. Ageing is adding years to life & Growing is ADDING LIFE 2 years.So start GROWING.

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